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Silk Road Odyssey is your best source for premium quality rug cleaning, rug restoration, rug repair and rug appraisal, serving Marin County, San Francisco and surrounding areas since 1995. We repair, restore and clean all kinds of area rugs such as Oriental rugs, Tribal and Persian rugs and Kilims. We handle all types of area rugs from silk, wool, and cotton rugs, to sisal, handmade, machine made, modern and antique rugs. 
We clean all types of stains, pet odors, color runs, candle spots, water, fire and moth damage on area rugs. 
The repair and restoration of antique oriental rugs is truly one of our greatest passions. 
No matter what size or how heavy or light your rug is, we pick it up & deliver for free and handle it with the attention to detail that gets you the best results.
We use the most premium organic cleaning products made especially for cleaning of oriental rugs, 
free of harmful chemicals and odors. 
Our focus is on providing the highest quality services, resulting in satisfied customers time and time again. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

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Rug Restoration, 
Rug Repair, 
Rug Overcasting, 
Rug Re-fringing, 
Rug Re-weaving, 
Moth Damage Repair, 
Rug Appraisal,
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Rug Specialists.

A hand made rug can consist of 25 to over 2000 knots per square inch. A skillful weaver with years of experience is able to tie a knot (a woolen rug) in about three seconds, meaning 20 knots per minute. 
That means it would take the weaver 2520 hours to weave a 7x10-foot rug with a density of 300 knots per square inch. If we divide this number by 8-hour working days that means it would take one weaver 315 days (one full working year) to weave such a rug. 
The weave however is just half the work to be done on a rug. Imagine if the knot density is even higher!  
We provide professional consultation on purchase and sale of rugs free of charge. We also purchase your old rugs or provide you with trade alternatives.. Contact us for free evaluation on the new and antique rugs you consider to sell or trade.
With over 22 years of experience, we are sure to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for more information on the cleaning & repair and other services we have to offer

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